Stage Performance

Daren banarsë

Theatrical Event: Euphonika


“Beautifully sculpted in every detail”

Stephen Montague

exploring reality

A theatrical performance and sound recording broadcast on BBC Radio 3. Euphonika explores the urge across cultures and religions to blur distinctions between the animate and inanimate.

Dolls, fantasies, and childhood obsessions are the inspirations behind this multi-layered, evocative soundscape. Miracles, talking statues and testimonies from real agalmatophiliacs accompanied by twisted music hall fragmenteries.

“Truly spine chilling… beautifully recorded… In a word: stunning”

Sam Inglis, Sound on Sound

Euphonika considers the ‘living statue’ as a historical phenomenon, and looks at the extreme attitudes of the believers. From the socially derogated to the spiritually exalted, Hans Bellmer to Dennis Nilsen to the hight priests of Hinduism.