My mission

I help people discover their inner resources and creativity, so they can lead more meaningful lives.

My journey has been one of creative discovery. I’ve made music for Rambert Dance, sound sculptures for the Courtauld, TV music for the BBC, and worked as a lecturer at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

But access to creativity wasn’t something that come naturally to me. I spent the first half of my life contracting inwards both mentally and physically. I’ve been through a journey of expansion, taking in bodywork, meditation, psychotherapy and research.

It’s lead to a sense of calmness and creativity, as I’ve allowed myself to be fully who I am. I currently work as an integrative psychotherapist in Central London.

I’ve worked with:

my message

Creating life from the inside out.

I believe everyone has a centre, a source of wisdom and creativity. But many of us have lost touch with our true selves. We live life according to an unconscious script, or behave how we think we should. Coming back into alignment with your authentic self is the one most powerful thing you can do with your life.

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