Making wooden melodicas

Daren Banarsë

Making wooden melodicas


Make a melodica of the highest quality

Use complex 3D printing for the mechanics

Make the case and keys from wood

Develop a warm and sweet sound

My Dream Melodica

I looked everywhere for someone to make me a high quality melodica, meeting various instrument makers around the world. But although there were some positive indications of intent, my melodica never materialised.

I realised the only option was to learn how to make one myself. I took woodwork classes at the local college, and hired an engineer to teach me 3D design. It took many attempts, but I eventually made a 3D printed melodica, made to look like an old instrument, with reclaimed ivory from an old piano keyboard.

I later experimented with various tonal timbers, such as zebrano wood (pictured above) to enrich the sound. My handmade melodicas have been covered by the Guardian, Trendhunter and MAKE Magazine, where it made the highlights of the year list.